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Conservative Investment Principles

Our high yield real estate funds are founded on conservative investment principals,
meticulous underwriting standards, and the belief that the development of our
communities creates a far better ROI than gambling away hard-earned
savings on Wall Street.
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Put Your Money To Work In the
Texas Real Estate Market

Private money lending is available for purchase and rehab costs on
fix & flip projects throughout most of Texas.

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The Clear Choice
For The Thoughtful Investor

The Investor Relations Team at A List Partners Management is
committed to building our investors up so that they are on the A List!

Our Services
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High Yield Real Estate Investment Funds

ALPM pursues above-market returns for its investor/clients by primarily investing in the historically strong and steady Texas real estate market.
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Real Estate Financing For Developers

Some projects needing a minimum of $10 million in financing may be able to qualify for low interest financing for 5 years through one of our associated EB-5 Regional Centers.
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Real Estate Financing For Investors

ALPM provides a variety of residential and commercial debt and equity funding options for real estate developers and investors.
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About Us

A List Partners Management, LLC. (ALPM) is a powerhouse team of real estate knowledge and experience providing attractive alternatives through our managed private equity high yield real estate investment funds for investors who want more for their money than the low interest rates being offered by banks. Additionally, ALPM offers high yield opportunities for Non-US Citizens who are seeking investment options in the USA.
Meet the Team

How can A List Partners offer rates so much better than the banks’?

The days of getting a 3% return from your local bank are long gone, and yet bank executives and stockholders fattening their wallets, while average Americans are condemned to 0.3% annual returns on their hard-earned savings. With the annual U.S. Inflation Rate at 2% each year, this means Americans are actually losing money just by letting it sit in the bank!

Unlike the banks, we offer rates that will actually grow your savings over time and as your savings grow, your rate gets even better, which gives you incentive to keep saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum I can invest to become a member of A List Partners?

Traditionally, high-yielding private funds require very large minimum investments ranging from $100,000 – $5 million. These minimum investment requirements alone make those funds inaccessible to 90% of Americans.

A List Partners believes that good returns on your savings should not be a luxury reserved for the uber-rich, which is why our investors can start seeing their savings grow with a minimum investment of $1,000.

What is the minimum term for an investment in A List Partners?

Initial investments with A List Partners have a 1-year commitment. After the first year, you may chose to continue to invest with A List Partners, or simply submit a written 45-day notice of your plans to withdraw your investment.

Does A List Partners provide any services in addition to its excellent rates of return?

A List Partners, LLC presents investing skills to help you achieve a higher return on your money than you are currently able to make with the banks and your ‘professionally’ managed mutual funds / retirement accounts. As a Member in A List Partners you are part of a collective membership that is treated as one high net worth investor.

A List Partners, LLC will invite you to free seminars where you will be presented with financial strategies and investing options from professionals in various fields. Why should you pay to go to a seminar to learn what the banks and broker houses should be teaching you for free? You deserve to have access to information that will help you take control of your financial future and help you to build wealth more quickly.

Why We Are The Clear Choice

Experience You
Can Trust

High Yield Returns
Target 12%+

Creative Funding Solutions

For expert financial advice you can trust Broker

Professional Associations

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