REI Fund Experiences Strong Growth in Assets

A List Partners REI Fund’s portfolio of assets has experienced strong growth since its launch in March.

Through strong relationships with a vast network of real estate professionals, A List Partners has acquired properties that have undergone rigorous vetting and meet the high investment standards demanded by its investors.

With a total of 11 projects in the San Antonio and Austin markets, as of June 30th, the REI Fund has strategically positioned itself to maximize the Return on Investment and future distributions to investors in the fund.

Current Portfolio of Assets (as of June 30th)


Month-Over-Month Increase in Assets

April-To-May 107.46%

May-To-June 71.10%

Future Growth

With more exciting projects to be announced soon, A List Partners Management continues its efforts to discover and bring the best possible projects into the REI Fund.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress and performance of each of the real estate projects in the REI Fund.

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