A List Partners Management EB-5 Immigrant Investor US Visa Program

Foreign Nationals Are Obtaining U.S Citizenship with their Immense Investments

The EB-5 program, which originally began in 1992, has begun to flourish in recognition. This platform is motivated prominently through a growing U.S economic standing in which developers began, and continue to look around for other sources of funding for their projects. Other reasons for its strengthened nature is the escalating desire from foreign nationals to take part in safe investments in U.S projects, and sometimes, greater sovereignty.

The support in Congress for this program is split in regards to whether they should expand Visa programs like this one that directly enhances the economic standing of the U.S, or whether this program has an unfair advantage. Some believe this fast track to obtaining a green card is almost like selling admittances but, ultimately this program is an easy decision because it creates jobs in the U.S and draws in investors, which is a plus for the U.S economy.

Developers who receive conventional financing pay higher rates than what is offered through the EB-5 program in which EB-5 investors usually get returns from 0.5-2%.  These usual returns draw many investors into funds like A List Partners Regional Center,  which offers their investors a 3% annualized return.

The program necessitates the investors to capitalize $1 million, but in some instances where the unemployment may be blatant, there are options for the investor to put in a minimal of $500,000. These areas are known as TEA’s (Targeted Employment Area), and where the majority of investors participate in projects.

As the program has cultivated, it has erupted a vast number of connections and intermediaries that bring together foreign nationals who want permanent residency in the U.S with developers who desire capital. These intensified relationships create a greater chance of successful projects and safe investment for the EB-5 investors, and their families.

-Jordan Regalado

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