“Mortgage Rates Hit A New Three-Year Low As Brexit Looms”

Mortgage rates continue to decrease. Currently a 30-year, fixed-rate home rate is 3.54 percent, which is close to a historic low. The same period of last year is 4.0 percent. The low mortgage rates stimulate the housing market. Many investors try to take advantage of lower interest rate to buy more houses. Some perspective housing consumers also want to buy a house to avoid higher rent expenses, while creating an equity asset. Low mortgage rates increase the mobilization of the market, which also brings uncertainty and risk to the market. When investing into an A List Partners fund, investors can enjoy all the benefits of a growing market while seeing a stable return on the same time, and having a diversified portfolio of assets.

– Shen Bao, Accounting Intern
Original Article: http://www.abor.com/statsmay16/

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