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Immigration and the Chinese HNWI 2015

Among EB-5 visas issued, China topped the leaderboard by accounting for more than 83% of submissions in 2015, according to official statistics from the US State Department. China has come to dominate the applications in recent years.

Quality of education, environment, and food safety remain the three main motivations for Chinese emigration. According to Hurun report, improvements in children’s self-confidence and education are biggest topics noted in post-emigration at 37%, while freedom to participate in international culture and improvement in quality of life stand at 23% and 21%. Also, up to 83% of the HNWIs (high net worth individuals) plan to send their children abroad for an international education.

For wealthy Chinese, EB-5 investment is attractive. EB-5 program it offers a way to send their children to college and enjoy an improved life. And the EB-5 is relatively cheap. Australia requires a $4.5 million investment, which is nine times the minimum required in U.S. According to Hurun report, there are now more dollar billionaires in China than the U.S.

A List Partners Regional Center is committed to helping investors find eligible EB-5 projects and providing high-yield investment opportunities to EB-5 investors with our expert and experience.

Shen Bao
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