Both major party Presidential Nominees have an interest in keeping the EB-5 Visa Program running.

Please note that this is a summary of an opinion offered by Mingtianid, the “China Real Estate Intelligence.”


Whether you are voting blue or red, or neither, your next president has a personal interest in keeping the EB-5 Visa Program Running. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have ties, albeit, like all politicians, the ties are in gray area.


Trump has proposed a 33-story Trump Mirabeau Tower to be built in downtown Austin, Texas, which developer Global Management Resources is seeking $40,000,000 in EB-5 investor capital for a portion of the funding. Another project named Trump Bay Street, is being built by Trump’s son-in-law, used EB-5 investors for the luxury condo tower being built just across from Manhattan in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Hillary Clinton’s brother, Anthony Clinton, is listed as the Primary Agent for a regional center named “Virginia Center For Foreign Investment and Job Creation.” This regional center was mysteriously shut down by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in late September. Details of the shut-down are unknown.


No matter who you are voting for, we encourage everyone to do their civic duty and cast their ballot.

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