Volatility in world’s markets makes US real estate investment more appealing

Facing the domino effect of Brexit, the entire continent of Europe is seeing massive speculation and demand for safe investments outside of the continent. London has historically been seen as a safe and growing market, but with fears of a bank-run, and the Pound hitting a 31-year low value, British and all Europeans are fearing the worst and looking for strong investments in the US, where fundamentally, the market is still seen as strong and growing.

Also, with the stock market plummet in China, and where the underlying real estate fundamentals are not seen as strong, we are continuing to see large amounts of capital from China, and all of Asia (due to China being the dominating economy in Asia, and second largest in the world) seeking a home in US investment.

“The influx of capital into gateway U.S. cities will have a cascading impact on burgeoning secondary markets like Denver, Seattle and Austin, Texas—as increased investment in primary markets causes yields to tighten, both foreign and domestic investors will look to invest in cities where returns are more appealing,” Charles Clinton, CEO, of EquityMultiple Inc., a real estate investment platform.

A List Partners continues to develop deep relationships with investors all over the world to offer our safe and profitable investments as an opportunity.


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