Singapore Continues to be Mega-hotspot for Foreign Capital


From The Straits Times


Investors often ask us why we choose to visit the locations we choose. The answer for places like Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong are that they meeting points for investors’ fund from all over the world. Investors see these locations as safe-harbors, where the government regulations are pro-foreign investment, and the culture is forward-thinking in their acceptance of expats, as many of these investors also take residence in these locales.


For example, Singapore has seen its highest influx of foreign capital investment since 2007, totaling upwards of $8.85 billion.


In networking in places like Singapore, A List will be exposed to wealthy individuals already experienced in foreign investment, with some or all their capital already off-shore.


Of the almost $9 billion in foreign real estate investment into Singapore in 2016, a whopping 38% came from Qatar, 29% from Malaysia, and 14% from China with only 4% coming from the United States (source: URA and CBRE Singapore).


Foreign investment into these hot spots is forecasted to continue, and therefore building opportunity to meet investors to diversify their portfolios to include A List Partners projects and offerings.

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